My White Canvas

I hope one day when I wake up …I can see your smiling face in the first light of dawn….

I can feel your warm hands draped around me making me feel I am protected..

I can listen to your whispers saying tales of love…..

I hope one day I can hold your hands and walk long distance saying things I always wanted to…

I hope one day I can listen to your songs which describes only me in every expression…

I hope one day I can hug u tight and say you r the reason which makes my life bright…

And I hope one day I can stop dreaming coz then you will be wid me eternally!!!!


It started from nursery…I still remember my teacher use to give hand full of chocolates every day to me for reciting the rhymes flawlessly… Undoubtedly I used to be on cloud nine…I used to feel special! But at the same time I could see many tiny faces dropping down with discontentment…Now that I think about it I wonder….not even once did the teacher said to the weak students….. next time u all can have the chocolates.  Is winning so important?? Do we need to compete in each n every level?

I have been often told by my grandmother that winning is not that imperative…the hard work u do to achieve that triumph is what matters. But then why every time I scored 5 marks less than my friend lead to scolding and rebuke from my parents. I remember my friend janaki in class 9th…she was incredible with her poems.Say a topic and there she comes out with soothing lines which had deep impact in every expression. She made me understand, poem is not about rhyming words.  But surprisingly instead of being famous for admirable reasons…she was famous for her lacking academic scores. She was a slow learner or I should say someone who lacked the ability to race in this competitive world. But I can bet on any 99.9% student to write as fine poem as she can…no one can!!

I am smiling at myself writing all these…I really can’t believe being the person who used to study till 3 at night in college days keeping beside all my hobbies just to make sure I am on the pace with my scholar friends..and being a person whose striving day and night for an MBA seat knowing deep inside I don’t want to do it…still my parents want it…coz end of the day I have to earn big…I am writing about race and competition. Do I even have the right to write all these…Because I am one of them who are constantly racing to be the number one…But we fail to realize while chasing the goal we are missing rather unseeing the best parts of our life. Sometimes I hear my friends  saying they didn’t got time to call me up..or was too busy to leave a msg…sumtimes I myself do this..!! Are we so busy chasing our goals that we can’t even find 1 min from  1140  minutes in a day to say hello to our loved ones. Den whats the difference between human beings and animals…Both chases for prey unseeing the things around…

Well I guess this race is not going to end because it has become a part of our life…rather we have to compete to survive.. But least we can do is resurrect the human part of ours!!

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June 2020